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Hi, I'm Beth.

(not beth)

(beth's fave pants,
3D woven 🤓)

I love being at that interface of science and art - it's where hypotheses and dreams converge. I believe and push the design fields to build products with circular lifecycles. We need to get out of this climate change catastrophe and build a future we want to [and can] live in.


I founded the fashion-tech startup unspun with an amazing team in order to solve big, sticky problems in the industry. unspun is building an inclusive and sustainable fashion industry through custom-fit, on-demand manufacturing (read: body scan jeans & 3D weaving robotics). Before unspun, I developed products in the outdoor apparel industry, instructed at a machine shop, designed robot-human soft good interfaces, and taught product design as an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon. Throughout my career, I've been fascinated by nature's obvious yet overlooked knack for circular manufacturing, and hope that unspun can emulate it. For my work founding unspun and inventing its fundamental tech, I have been lucky to have been recognized by Forbes' Next 1000, ADWEEK's Sustainability StarsMIT Tech Review's 35 Innovators Under 35, and The Vogue Business' 100 Innovators.


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